MAP:Tobishima Pier South Side Container Terminal

Tobishima Pier South Side Container Terminal

Water Depth16m

Super Core Port ~Model Berth~

The first berth of Tobishima Pier South Side Container Terminal was put into operation in December 2005. Starting in December 2008 it has been used as a continuous berth together with Berth No. 2.
This terminal was developed with collective efforts by both the public and private sectors, as a designated international container terminal playing a key role in the Super Core Port Project, in which the Port of Nagoya was included in July 2004.
The 16-meeter deep berth is equipped with six super post-panamax gantry cranes capable of handling 22 rows of boxes on deck; thus, it can accommodate larger containerships to be deployed in the near future.
Automated cargo-handling systems such as remote control/automatic rubber tired transfer crane (RTG) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) will be introduced in terminal operations, and high quality service at low cost will be provided following the construction of an IT/Automated Terminal , and to expand the container volume.
These 2 berths have an earthquake resistant design to ensure international container distribution functions in the event of disasters.

Tobishima Pier South Side Container Terminal

automated cargo-handling system


  TS1 TS2
Berth(quake-resistant) Length 350m+(adjacent part 50m) 400m
Water Depth 16m
Terminal Area (Including quay and apron) 127,570m2 233,979m2
Yard Capacity (Transfer Crane Yard) 7,920 TEU(4-high stack) 9,768 TEU(4-high stack)
(Inspection Yard,etc) Customs・Plant Quarantine,Dangerous Cargo,Reefer Container
Reefer Plugs 240
Gate house Number of Cranes 6 Lanes Inward, 6 Lanes Outward
Truck Scales 1(50 t)
Gantry Cranes Number of Cranes 3(quake-absorbing) 3(quake-absorbing)
Rated Capacity 45.0 t 45.0 t
Hoisting Load 65.0 t 65.0 t
Outreach 59.0m(6 tires in 22 rows) 59.0m(6 tires in 22 rows)
Rail Span 30.5 m
Transfar Cranes(RTG) 24
AGV 33
Lessee, Terminal operator Tobishima Container Barth Co., Ltd.(TCB)
(Investing Companies) Kwasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. / Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. / Nippon Yusen Kaisha /
Asahi Unyu Kaisha, Ltd. / Isewan Terminal Service Co., Ltd. / Kamigumi Co., Ltd. / Tokai Kyowa Co., Ltd. /
Fujitrans Corporation / Meiko Trans Co., Ltd. / Tobishima Logistics Service, Inc.
Service Routes Service Routes